IDCCloud Decision Framework

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Which Cloud Environment is Best for Your Workload?

Find out whether migrating your application to a public or private cloud offers the most benefits. Take the assessment now to get a detailed report with essential guidance from IDC analysts

IDC Cloud Decision Framework
  • Become more agile in the cloud decision making
  • Benchmark your cloud readiness against other IT
  • Get directional guidance on which cloud
    environment is best suited to specific workloads
  • Read commentary from IDC analysts to guide your
    decision making

The IDC Cloud Framework Decision tool is designed to help you identify the issues and trade-offs inherent in the various IT platform choices: Traditional (discrete IT resources), Private Cloud, and Public Cloud. To use this tool, you will need to have a good understanding of one of your organization's workloads and its organizational, operational, and business/financial profile. This tool assumes the workload being evaluated is already hosted on a Traditional platform.

IDC's purpose in building this tool is to help IT organizations understand the potentially complex organizational, operational, and financial implications inherent in transitioning a workload from a Traditional IT platform to a Private or Public cloud environment.

The output will provide you with specific suitability-to-task scores for hosting the workload on both a private cloud and a public cloud, as well as commentary from IDC analysts on key areas you should consider as you continue your decision making process.

This tool allows you to launch an evaluation and save your session at any point. This provides the flexibilty to collect additional data or make changes at a later time. IDC will be accumulating statistics from your evaluation to further inform our research process. If you have any questions about this, we recommend you review IDC's Terms of Use. You may also view this tool's general disclaimer which is provided as a link at the bottom of this page.

This evaluation is designed to be a step in the planning and evluation process, not the definitive answer. The quality and usefulness of the guidance from this tool is, of course, linked to the completeness and accuracy of your inputs. Once you complete the evaluation, IDC clients that may have additional questions are invited to direct their questions through the normal inquiry process.

We hope this tool further transforms and accelerates your IT decision making process. If you are interested, please also sign up to participate in the related IDC Online Community for Cloud Computing.


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